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World Must Tell US Were Not Living in Jungle: Iran

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17 Feb 2019, 22:13 GMT+10

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the international community must tell the US government we are not living in a jungle where one would reserve the right for itself to interfere in others affairs and tell others what to do.

Zarif made the comments in a Q&A session following his speech at the 55th Munich Security Conference in Germany.

His comments came in response to a question about Irans attempt to launch a satellite last month that failed to reach orbit, Zarif said it was possible the failure was due toWashington's sabotage campaign as suggested by aNew York Timesreport this week.

He added that Iran had already been investigating these failures but was now "looking into the specifics" after the story inThe Times.

"It's quite possible. We don't know yet. We need to look into it very carefully," the Iranian foreign minister said.

The New York Timesreported on Wednesday that the Trump administration had reportedly revived a secret plan to sabotage Irans ballistic missiles as part of its broader plan to weaken the Islamic Republics military might and harm its economy.

It cited current and former administration officials and reported that the clandestine operation has been ongoing for some time now but it was practically impossible to determine whether it has been successful and if yes, to what extent.

Iran launched a scientific satellite into space to collect environmental information to boost the country's forecasting system. However, technical problems that occurred during the final stage of the launch prevented the spacecraft from reaching orbit.

Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi tweeted on January 15, The Payam (Message) satellite was successfully launched this morning aboard the satellite carrier. But the satellite unfortunately failed to be placed in orbit in the final stage.

He, however, stressed that Iran was preparing to launch another satellite, named Doosti (friendship).

What follows is the full text of Zarifs speech at the MSC 2019:

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This past Monday, millions of Iranians gathered for mass rallies to mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution; an earthquake that collapsed a pillar of US domination in West Asia.

Weve never been forgiven by the United States for having exercised our right to self-determination. As a result, we have long been the target of an unhealthy fixationan obsessionwhich continues to this very day.

The demonization of my country has been a convenient cross for seven consecutive American presidents to bearand a smokescreen for Americas regional clients to hide behind. It is long overdue for the United States to dismantle this malign institution, for it has today morphed into one of the greatest threats to even its own interestsand of course international peace and security.

In the past two years, the US has taken its animus towards Iran to a new extreme, as epitomized by its unlawful and unilateral abrogation of its commitments under the painstakingly-negotiated Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was unanimously endorsed by the UN Security Council. To gain accomplices in its lawlessness, the US is now even labouring to force others to violate that Resolution, which explicitly calls for normalization of economic relations with Iran.

At the recent meeting of the unwilling and the openly-coerced in Warsaw, the US Vice President and the Secretary of State both blasted Europe for even attemptingalbeit without much practical successto abide by its obligations under the JCPOA and Security Council Resolution 2231. Yesterday right here in Munich Vice President Pence repeated this farce when he arrogantly demanded that Europe must join the US in breaking its commitments while undermining its own security. His hateful accusations against Iranincluding his ignorant allegation of anti-Semitism against the heirs of a man described as Messiah in the Torah for saving Jews - is both ridiculous and dangerous.

This malign obsession with Iran is imposing costs on othersand especially in our region, which has for 40 years suffered the consequences of US insistence on making wrong choices.

Driven by its pathological obsession with Iran, America has long encouraged reckless and destructive adventurism on the part of its clients: from arming Saddam Hussein in his attack against Iran to supporting the propagation of extremism; from aiding and abetting the ruining of Syria and bombing of innocents in Yemen to whitewashing the incarceration of a Prime Minister and dismemberment of a journalist. In parallel, the US has systematically shielded Israels constant aggression against Palestinians, while insulating its severe violations of the sovereignty of Lebanon and Syria.

And all in the name of containing Iran.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The US claimsand some blindly parrot its accusationthat it is Iran which is interfering in the region. But has it ever been asked whose region? Just glimpse at a map. The US military has travelled 10,000 kilometres to dot all our borders with bases. Meanwhile, it has milked the region of its resources through vast arms sales. According to the most conservative estimate, the GCCs military spending alone will reach a record high of $100 billion this yearalmost seven times that of Iran.

So, who is really exporting insecurity to our region?

What is it that threatens the region more?

The unfathomable arsenals used to terrorize the people of Yemen? Or Irans defensive missiles, which have only ever been used against ISIS terror in self-defence?

Is it Iran that threatens the annihilation of othersor is it Mr NetanyahuIsraels wolf-crier-in-chiefwho openly threatens my countrys obliteration while standing next to his nuclear bomb factory?

No theatrics hereincluding the show put on by Vice President Pencecan obscure these realities.

Indeed, more and more nations are becoming explicit about the fact that the United States is now the single biggest source of destabilization in our neighbourhood. As we speak, Iraqi lawmakers are demanding the withdrawal of US forces from their land. And after more than 17 years of failure in Afghanistan, the US is now negotiating with the Taliban to withdraw the American military.

In contrast, our standing with the peoples of Iraq and Syria to counter terrorism has put ISIS on the verge of extinction, with both countries enjoying levels of peace and stability not seen in years.

I arrived here in Munich from Sochi, where President Rouhani continued his dialogue with his Russian and Turkish counterparts on how to further promote peace in Syria. Prior to that, I visited Lebanon and Iraq for 7 days of discussions with government officials, as well as with political, community and business leaders on how to work together to strengthen stability and advance mutual economic opportunity in our region.

But the reckless US obsession with Iran is threatening these hard-won victories.

On another front, Irans continued full implementation of the JCPOAdespite the US abrogationhas played a major role in decreasing tension and promoting regional and global stability. But Iran cannot foot the entire bill for vital global security achievements whether it is the nuclear accord, or the combatting of drug and human trafficking to Europe. Europe needs to invest too. Many around the worldand particularly on this contentspeak eloquently about multilateralism. But they also need to walk the walk. For instance, INSTEX falls short of the commitments by the E3 to save the JCPOA. Europe needs to be willing to get wet if it wants to swim against the dangerous tide of US unilateralism.

While we have shown our desire for engagement, we dont depend on others for our security, stability, prosperity and progress. We solely depend on our own people. That is why 40 years of so-called maximum pressurenamely demonization, war, sanctions and terrorincluding the heinous foreign-sponsored terrorist bombing in my country on Wednesdayhas failed to bring Iran to its knees; nor has it affected our peoples decision-making calculus.

Distinguished Friends,

Irans foreign policy is designed to further the goal of creating a strong region that precludes the emergence of hegemonic aspirations by any power regional or global.

A strong region simply means more confidence, more trade and more interaction between and among the countries in the region, than with external powers.

It requires home-grown political and territorial stability; reliance on the populace as the source of legitimacy, security and prosperity; harmonization of national identities and regional citizenship; participation of all in ensuring peace; and the exercising of strategic self-restraint.

Ladies and Gentlemen

In spite of all the ignorant hate-speech by American officials, let me remind you that we Iranians are proud to be the inheritors of a great civilization. The entirety of humanity is today riding in the same boat and we either sail together; or sink together. Our renowned poet, Saadi, testified to this truth over 900 years ago:

All human beings are members of one frame

Since all, at first, from the same essence came.

When time afflicts one limb with pain

The other limbs cannot at rest remain.

I thank you for your attention.

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